We are currently working on an extensive Paragon System training plan for Members and will be rolling it out in mid-August. Paragon will be available for use when training begins, with complete conversion by the end of October 2015. A wide range of free educational opportunities will be offered to ensure each Member has a chance to learn in the way that they feel comfortable.

The System will undergo extensive Member testing and will run parallel with both Fusion® and MLXchange™ for a period before going live. This will ensure that Members get a chance to become comfortable with the System and learn how to use all the features to their fullest.

We are currently planning on an approximate parallel period of 60 days where we will run MLXchange/Fusion and Paragon simultaneously. At this time, we will offer member training. When the conversion is complete next year, the only way to access MLS® System services will be to use Paragon MLS®.

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