Paragon Training Overview

Paragon Training to Suit Your Needs

At the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton, we know that training isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of thing. That’s why, as we transition to our new MLS® System Paragon, we are happy to offer multiple training platforms to better suit your needs and accommodate your busy schedules, free of charge. While training will not be mandatory, we highly recommend that Members familiarize themselves with Paragon early on by participating in some form of training, and take advantage of the 2 month parallel period before Paragon goes live.

Early Awareness Videos

Using prepared Paragon videos, as well as custom videos created in-house specific to the needs of RAE Members, we will help to build awareness and excitement around the new and improved functionality of Paragon. Members will have the opportunity to become familiar with the layout and features before the parallel period begins in August.

Hands-On Sessions (2 hours)

In the 2014 Member Survey, we asked Members how they would like to receive training during the Paragon rollout. 50% of RAE Members said they would prefer a hands-on classroom setting. These two hour sessions will be held in our computer lab with a facilitator who will guide you through Paragon. RAE is also expanding the computer lab to better accommodate Member needs. These sessions will cover basic and advanced features of Paragon.

Lecture-style Sessions (2 hours)

Held in the building’s auditorium, these sessions will provide a basic Paragon overview for Members and will leave you with a number of training resources you can try at home.


Appealing to the 32% of Member who would like to receive training through a Live Webinar, this format will be extremely effective in reaching our out of town Members and will allow us to accommodate larger numbers each session. Since they are not hosted at the Association, you can attend a webinar from a desktop computer or laptop at the location of your choice, while still having the opportunity to engage with the facilitator. Just make sure you have a strong internet connection available.

Independent Learning

This method will be used to reach the 76% of Members who stressed the need for additional training options that are self-directed and can be taken when schedules allow for it. A number of resources will be available at your fingertips including self-study guides, pre-recorded videos and a comprehensive range of online options.

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