Custom Reports

Custom Reports won’t transition

While most of the data in the current MLS® System will be transferred over into Paragon including listing data, contacts and saved searches, Custom Reports cannot be transferred from MLXchange® or Fusion™ directly into Paragon. We know some REALTORS® use their custom reports regularly and we will give you the resources to help recreate these reports.

Reports must be recreated

Any Custom Reports that you’ve developed must be recreated in Paragon after the parallel period begins, which will take place in mid-August. In order to maximize your time in Paragon and get ready for the cutover, the simplest way to prepare is to save a PDF copy to your computer, or print a copy of the reports if you would like a hard copy. Then, take advantage of the 2 month parallel period when MLXchange®/Fusion™ and Paragon are both running to recreate your reports.

Paragon reporting is feature-rich

We’re also pleased to report that Paragon’s Custom Reporting function is top-notch, and you’ll have lots of functionality when we hit the new system. Stay tuned for more details on what our new MLS® System will be able to offer Members.

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