Exciting News about Paragon’s Launch

The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton plans to launch the Paragon MLS® System to its Members in mid-September. The System will be run in parallel with MLXchange/Fusion until they are turned off in November. The Paragon System will be phased in and Members will have approximately two months to be trained and adapt to the new System before MLXchange/Fusion is shut off for good in November.

What does parallel mean?

Paragon will begin running in parallel with MLXchange/Fusion in mid-September. This means you will be able to access and work in all three systems. Listing data entered into MLXchange/Fusion will be updated in Paragon every hour. Any changes made to your contacts or saved searches made in MLXchange/Fusion will need to be duplicated in Paragon. If you use Paragon as your primary System for searching and client maintenance during parallel, you will not need to duplicate your work.

Will all of Paragon’s features be made available in parallel?

Paragon will contain all listings and history when launched in parallel. Features such as CMA and statistics reporting will be phased in during the parallel period as they are configured.

When can I use Brokerload in Paragon?

Brokerload can only be made available in Paragon once MLXchange/Fusion is turned off in November. Training will be made available on Brokerload at this time.

When is training?

Once in parallel, introductory training will begin. Hands-on courses, webinars and online resources will be made available. Advanced courses will be offered closer to November. Until then, make sure to take a look at the introductory training lecture available here on the Portal.

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