New Paragon Training Introduced


Do you find that changes in technology can be confusing and overwhelming? Well, we’ve developed a Paragon training course just for you. This hands-on session will give you a preview of Paragon and get you ready to take the next step into Paragon Essentials, Module 1. This two hour course will cover the following:

  • Logging in
  • Setting up user preferences,
  • Navigating the home page,
  • Searching – majority of time will be spent searching,
  • How to navigate the search screen,
  • Review your findings on the spread sheet/understanding the spreadsheet,
  • Review the reports,
  • How to Print and Email,
  • Setting up an auto-notification

October dates are now available. Please visit our Events Page on the Member intranet to register.

7 responses to “New Paragon Training Introduced

  1. Are we allowed to take a refresher course if we have already taken this course. There is so much to learn, so this would be helpful. Thanks.
    Rick LeMieux


    • Hi Rick,
      You are free to sign up for more than one class. This new one was designed for Members who wanted to take a basic course before the hands on module 1. If you have already taken module 1, you may want to watch the recorded webinars that we will be posting this week. They cover the same things as the in class, but it allows you to re-watch the steps that you may be confused about. Or, you can wait until mid-October when we release Module 2 and sign up for that as well.


    • You definitely can! We have introduced several levels of training to advance Members through the process with Basic, Module 1 and Module 2 (coming soon). We will also be posting recorded webinars that you can watch if you need a refresher at your own pace. And you are welcome to take the same training a second time if you need a refresher.


  2. Hi there,

    Are there any courses being offered before October? Within the next month or so if possible, even if it’s online? Thank you!


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