New Paragon Features Now Available

Paragon is running in “parallel” with MLXchange/Fusion. This means that Paragon is receiving updated listing information and photos on an hourly basis from MLXchange/Fusion. No other information is updated. For example, if you add a contact into either Paragon or MLXchange/Fusion, it will not be updated in the other system. Anything updated in Paragon during the parallel period will NOT be overwritten when parallel ends.

Client Connect Ready to Go

One of the most robust features in Paragon, the Client Connect Portal, has also been fully configured. The Client Connect feature is another great option for communication with your clients and provides them with a private view of the listings you want them to see through a client portal. Through the portal you can send listings directly to your clients allowing them to give instant feedback on the listings including rating them as favourite, possible, or reject, as well as adding in comments.

We recommend that to start using it, you set yourself up as client within Paragon and create searches associated to that client. That way, you are able to test all of the functionality within the Client Connect Portal, while seeing the interaction on both ends. We have several resources available to assist you. Check out the 8 minute Client Connect video that is on the Support Page here on the Paragon Portal. This short video will walk you through setting up your Client Connect Portal. Or, you can sign up for one of the two new Client Connect specific training courses that begin on October 14, one that is offered hands-on in our computer lab and the other offered as a webinar. Visit for more information. In the coming weeks, we will be providing you with information to send your clients to help transition them through this change as well.

Report Editor

The Report Editor in Paragon has been configured and is ready for use! This is a great time for you to start getting your custom reports into Paragon. Start by printing off your reports from MLXchange and begin to recreate them in Paragon using the report editor. There are several resources at your fingertips to assist you. On the Support Page you will find two guides, Custom Layout Editor and Custom Reports Tips and Tricks, along with a one-hour webinar to help you get started. Take this time during the parallel to recreate their custom reports before the cutover. Once MLXchange/Fusion are turned off, you will no longer have access to the information.

Hot Sheet

Much like the Hotsheet in MLXchange/Fusion, the Hotsheet in Paragon gives you a snapshot view of what is going on in the market. To access the Hotsheet, click on Search and you will find Hotsheet in the middle column. Here, you can customize your results in a number of ways including date range, status change, area and more.


Feedback about the new Paragon system early on has been positive, but we are always looking to improve. If you encounter any issues or would like to provide suggestions on how to make it better, please email

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