Paragon Cutover Date Released

Paragon Cutover Date Released  

On November 17, 2015 the official cutover to Paragon will occur. This gives Members another month with Paragon before it will be their only MLS® System. The cutover process takes a few days. Here is how the cutover will occur:

  • November 13 – MLXchange/Fusion go into “Read-only” mode at noon. This means you can still run searches and get information from MLXchange/Fusion, but you will not be able to add or edit your listings.
  • November 16 – Board staff will have access to load your listings.
  • November 17 – MLXchange/Fusion are shut off to Members. Brokerload will be available in Paragon for Members.

Now is the time to start using Paragon as your main system. You can start by:

  • setting up your preferences
  • activating your searches
  • and using client connect

Resources to help you with these tasks, and through the entire Paragon transition, can be found on the Support page.

We understand that a new MLS® System is both exciting and nerve racking for our Members. This change affects the way you do your day to day business. The Association knows the impact on all of our Members and wants to support you as much as possible.  We will be extending our Support desk hours starting October 24 and will keep the help desk open for these hours until they are no longer required. It is our commitment to ensure that our Members get the help they need through support and training.

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  1. How can I move, delete or collapse the HomePage Message widget… I don’t want it and it is massive. I want the search in it’s place, not off to the side.


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