CMA Tools in Paragon

The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton is pleased to inform you that there are two new CMA tools in Paragon. The Paragon CMA uses the wizard style format and will be familiar to those of you who use the current CMA in MLXchange/Fusion. There are many resources on the Paragon help site that will help you with the Paragon CMA.

We didn’t stop with the Paragon CMA. We are pleased to present Members with another CMA option called Cloud CMA. The Cloud CMA is easy to use and gives you many options for reporting. It is also integrated directly into Paragon. To run the Cloud CMA, first do a search in Paragon, select your comparables, then go to the “Action” menu to select Cloud CMA. This will pull all your comparables into the presentation. Watch this video to see how simple and powerful this tool is.

Both CMAs will feature residential, commercial, mobile and rural specific CMA reports. Make sure you sign up for hands-on or webinar training on these CMA tools and decide which option works best for you. Please note: The first time you use Cloud CMA in Paragon, you will see a new login screen. You will be required to fill in the fields and asked to click on “Place order and create account”. You will not be charged to use Cloud CMA. Just fill in the fields to get started. 

What the Cloud CMA login screen will look like

If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of Paragon, send us an email at Our help desk is now open extended hours to help you during the transition to Paragon. Call us at 780-453-9341 (toll free 1-888-674-7479).


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