Review the New Listing Input Maintenance Forms

The new RAE Listing Input Maintenance forms are available for you to review!

If you Board load, you may want to familiarize yourself with the new form before cutover on November 17. But don’t start using them just yet. For now, this form is just for your review. Members using the MLXchange/Fusion form must send in their listings by Thursday, November 12 at midnight.  During the conversion weekend, Members should begin to use the new Paragon forms, which will be made available for Residential, Rural, Mobile, and Commercial.

The Association will have access to begin to load listings into Paragon on Monday, November 16, and Members with Brokerload access can begin to load their listings on Tuesday, November 17. That means that no listings can be added or edited in MLXchange/Fusion OR Paragon between noon on Friday and 9am on Monday by either RAE Staff or Members.

If your listing is expiring between November 13 and November 17, the MLS® Services Department will re-activate your listing. However, you must send your listing extension amendment agreement into MLS® Services before November 18, 2015.

Please ensure that any documentation that needs to be processed is sent via email to Sales can be sent to or faxed to 780-452-4569. During this transitional period, we will ensure that your documents get processed in the order that they are received. Please keep a copy of a successful fax or email verification to ensure that your document has been successfully sent to our department for processing. You should go into Paragon on November 17 to check that your listing has been properly processed. Contact us at the MLS® Inquiry Line at 780-453-9304, if there are any concerns or issues with your listing.

All information on your paperwork including the new listing input form must be completed to ensure data integrity and to avoid document rejections and incomplete listing alerts.

To find all of the Listing Input Maintenance resources you need, including the new sample form for review and a Listing Input Maintenance webinar, visit this page.

And, check out this story for a full look at how the cutover weekend will play out and what “Read-only” means.

If you have any questions about the new Listing Input Maintenance forms, please call MLS® Services Manager, Margherita Gosselin at 780-453-9303. If you require Paragon support, please call the Help Desk at 780-453-9341.

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