New to Paragon, July 12

We continue to work on identified priorities and issues based on your feedback. Below, you will find a summary of what is new to Paragon, followed by a link with further details of each change. Any questions about an enhancement that you have requested can be sent to

Listings Due to Expire Email Notification

Effective July 13, 2016, an expiration email notification will be sent to the Listing Agent’s email address beginning 7 days prior to the expiration date of the listing.

Commercial Field Update

The Commercial Division Committee is working hard to update commercial fields to reflect the current needs of our members. As some of the changes will require some more work from a systems perspective, we are starting with easy changes and will update you on the progress of other changes prior to implementation. Please see the attachment below.

New Values

New values have been added to the Amenities/Features, Flooring and Foundation fields.

Condo Client Detail Report Updated

The Condo Client Detail Report has been updated and has been made available under Reports -> Details.

Condo and Community Name Updates

Communities and Condo tables have been updated. Please see the attachment below.

For a full look at these changes and what is new to Paragon, read Paragon Release Notes – July 12.

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