New to Paragon, August 23


The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton and the team from Black Knight continue to work on identified priorities and issues based on your feedback. Below you will find a recap of the changes and enhancements that will be released during a system upgrade, available on Wednesday, August 23, 2017. This recap is followed by a more detailed explanation of each change. Any questions you have about an enhancement request you have made can be sent to

For a detailed look at all the changes, click here to open the PDF.

Collaboration Center

Introducing a new design
The layout of the Collaboration Center has been updated to a new design that better arranges the various items displayed on the Dashboard and makes certain features more visible.

A new welcome email template
A new welcome email template has been created for the Collaboration Center.  This new template contains helpful information and directions on how to use the site.  Along with this helpful information, the template is also responsive, which means it will adjust to desktop and mobile applications.

Email Message Body Formatting
In preparation for future enhancements to the Collaboration Center Notifications in the October 2017 release, enhancements will be made in this release that will affect the overall Preferences for the Message Body functionality. A change has been made to remove the HTML formatting in the Message Body function which is also used in the legacy Email Notifications, Collaboration Center Notifications and manual Paragon email functions. Although the verbiage will still display, the images, links and custom formatting will no longer display for Message Bodies.

New Message and Link Added to Emails Regarding Upcoming Improvements
A new message and link will be included in all Collab Center Agent and Consumer Notifications that will link the recipient to a preview of the future enhancements to Collaboration Center Notifications that will be included in the October release.


Last search: Timestamp now included in display
The Last Search functionality has been updated to include the date and time of when the search was last performed in the list of criteria.  This additional display information will allow users to quickly see when a search was run allowing them to more easily determine which search they would like to select.

Preferences Wizard – Updated to Include User Preferences Options

Several of the options currently available under Preferences > User Preferences have been added to the Preferences Wizard.  The Preferences Wizard will now include pages for Assume Identity, Time Zone and Display Property Address on Hyperlink View.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can also find further information and helpful videos and guides on the Paragon portal site. Or, you can call our Help Desk at 780-453-9341 (toll free 1-888-674-7479) or email We will continue to work with our Members to make Paragon the best MLS® System, and we value your feedback.

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