Running a CMA in Paragon

On Monday, October 26, you will have access to 3 powerful CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) tools. You will be able to run a quick CMA, you will be able to run a full Wizard using Paragon CMA, or you will have a third alternative in the integrated Cloud CMA, a third party service that will be available for use by RAE Members. Please note: you should NOT sign up for Cloud CMA separately at this time through the Cloud CMA website or they will charge you. Cloud CMA will be fully integrated into Paragon and is part of an agreement with the Association. Start saving or printing off PDFs of your favourite CMA reports. That way you will be able to recreate them at your leisure.

To see how Cloud CMA will be integrated into Paragon, you can watch this Cloud CMA video posted by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. The integrated functionality will look very similar for RAE Members.

Training on the full Paragon CMA and Cloud CMA will also begin the week October 26th. The 90-minute Paragon CMA session will be available in both hands on classes and online webinars, and will walk Members through the steps of completing a full and comprehensive CMA for their clients. Quick CMA training is currently included in all Paragon Basics and Essentials training, and will be included in all CMA training as well.

During the 90-minute classes, you will cover the following details:

  • CMA Overview
  • Quick CMA
  • CMA Preferences wizard
  • Selecting comparable properties
  • Naming the CMA
  • Adding the Subject property
  • Selecting/Adding the client
  • Reviewing the comparable
  • Adjustments
  • Page layout /Presentation Set up
  • Add your own documents to your presentation
  • View your presentation

To sign up for Paragon CMA training, log onto and visit the Events page to register.