You have an opportunity to ask questions at any time about our transition to Paragon during the next year. Please e-mail your questions to communications@ereb.com. In addition to those provided below, future common questions posed by members will be regularly added below, with answers:


Q: Why are we changing MLS® Systems? How did we choose Paragon?

A: MLXchange/Fusion MLS® Systems were no longer going to be supported by Corelogic. After extensive member feedback including member surveys and several focus groups an RFP (request for proposal) lead by a selection committee comprised of the Board of Directors, Member Services and Technology Committee began in 2013 to look for a new MLS® System.

Q: How will future information and updates about the RAE’s transition to Paragon be communicated to members over the course of the next year?

A: In short, via this site! Please subscribe by entering your e-mail address and clicking “Follow” at the left side of the home page. Then you will receive exclusive notification about exciting updates and the latest information. And bookmark this site as a favourite in your web browser to check back on in your spare time.

Q: What computer system and software do I need to have in place as our transition to Paragon is made next fall?

A:  Please see our previous “System requirements” and “Upgrade from Windows XP” posts for everything you need to know.

Q: Will Members still have access to ABRE2GO?

A: Yes, ABRE2GO will remain fully functional and available to Members.

Q: What is parallel?

A: A system implementation in which both the old and new systems are running side by side until the users are certain that the new system has no problems. After a period of time, when the system is proved to be working correctly, the old system will be removed completely and users will depend solely on the new system. Once the parallel period is over, MLXchange and Fusion will be shut off for good and our new MLS® System, Paragon, will be the only program we are working on.

Q: Why has the transition to Paragon taken so long?

A: Up until early August the project was on track. After member feedback/request a decision was made to do a second pull of saved search data. This has delayed the project but improved service to the membership. Pulling of saved searches/contacts is not normally done in MLS® System changes. Black Knight is accommodating this request.

Q: I did not get the Preferences Wizard when I logged in, what do I do now?

A: Click on Preferences at the top of the screen, and select User Preferences Wizard on the right hand side.

Q: How do I save a PDF  version of a detail sheet?

A: While looking at the report, click on Print, select Print, then click on PDF on the left hand side. Then click print/preview on the top right. Now you can use the controls on the bottom of the page to print or download the report to your computer.

Q: Listing details on the mobile site are not showing me occupancy or commission, is that going to change?

A: The mobile site is not completely configured, so all of the data is not yet available.

Q: My cell number isn’t showing up on Client Connect. Is there a place in preferences where I can change my contact info?

A: You aren’t able to change your contact information in Paragon. To add a cell number, you have to visit member.ereb.com. Once you log in, go to eRAE/Store and click on My Profile. There, you will be able to add or edit your information.

Q: When can we play around with adding listings?

A: At this moment, we can only use one system to add listings. You can start adding listings into Paragon once we have completed cutover. However, we will start running Brokerload classes in the days leading up to cutover.

Q: Where do I search for agri-business listings?

A: Agri-business listings are no longer classified as Commercial Property. They are now searchable under the Rural Property Class: Country Residential, Country Recreational, Rural Land and Agri-Business (Archive).

Q: How many records can I attach to a saved search?

A: 500

Q: Why can I not add a listing on Paragon?

A: Brokerload and listing maintenance will only be available through MLXchange/Fusion during Parallel. It will be turned on in Paragon when we go live.

Q: Can I load photos before submitting the listing?

A: Yes you can add 30 photos at one once to a partial listing (previously called Saved as Incomplete).

Q: What is the maximum size of photo can be added?

A: A photo that is a maximum of 10MB can be added which is an upgrade from MLXchange/Fusion’s 6 MB.

Q: Will Paragon automatically pull my agent photo to REALTOR.ca?

A: No. You will have to continue to email it to helpdesk@crea.ca.

Q: How easy is it for a client to access client connect? Do they need a password?

A: Client connect can be accessed on any operating system and is mobile friendly. They do not need to create a password unless they would like to. To access the site without a password they will have to go through the link emailed to them.

Q: How many saved searches per client?

A: 10

Q: I am getting a message that I have been Opted Out of emails. What does that mean and how do I fix it?

A: Because emails sent out of Paragon could be considered ads the CAN-SPAM/ANTI-Spam Legislation requires a way for the recipient to opt out. They have the option of opting out from the specific agent or all agents using the Paragon System. If the agent or the client want to start receiving emails again, RAE Help Desk staff must access a link from the ADMIN to send the agent.

Q: Can I have a default search template?

A: Yes you can default one search template and create several additional templates which are located on the Load Search Tab.

Q: How do I search for parking, hardwood floors but no pool?

A: Go to features (Multi-select) and use the new search function: ‘Must Have’, ‘Must Not Have’ or ‘Must Have 1 or More’.

Q: Will my rural listing automatically map on Paragon?

A: The best way to locate listings that have not been mapped are going to the ‘Missing Geocode’ Search under Listings.

Q: Will Agent’s personal website providers still work with Paragon?

A: Yes we have contacted all the third parties our MLS® System is changing. They will work to integrate accordingly.

Q: Will Repree and Webforms be available through Paragon?

A: Webforms will be. Repree is not currently integrated in our MLS® System.

Q: How many quick action links am I allowed on my homepage?

A: 6

Q: Where do you go for help when you are new to Paragon?

A: We are directing all Members to the Paragon Portal for RAE specific help (check here often to so we can direct members to specific information). Another helpful resource is the Paragon Help Site – Home box/button – ‘New to Paragon?’ on sidebar.

Q: When do members get brokerload access?

A: When Paragon goes live and is our stand alone MLS® System (when MLXchange and Fusion are turned off).

Q: Is the mobile version an app?

A: No, it is still working from the Paragon website, it just adjusts to what you are working on (Computer, tablet or smartphone).

Q: Where can I search by map?

A: There are 3 ways to access the map. Through the quick search, specialty search and search screen currently under advanced settings à requesting to be moved to top of screen out of container TBD (DD).

Q: How many Canadian boards are using Paragon?

A: At this time Nova Scotia, Fraser Valley and Vancouver. They are moving into Ontario.


4 responses to “FAQs

  1. I want my search to include Double Attached, Detached , triple etc… how can I modify this? When I try to go thru the” Multi Select” and add those in my count goes to 0??


    • Hi Chris!
      When entering them into the multi-select tool, ensure that you are entering them into the ‘must have one or more’. If you put them into the must have, that limits you to only one option. On the flip side, you could put single detached/attached in the ‘must not have’ to eliminate those searches. If either of those suggestions do not address the issue, please call the help desk (780-453-9341). One of the help desk staff can help you further trouble shoot.
      Best regards, Maegan


  2. Can’t remember… on Client Connect there is a red box with a number in it beside the categories (Unread/Favourite/Possible/Reject). Does the number represent the quantity of messages are on file for the category


    • Hi Dean! Yes, once your client has logged in a placed a listing into one of the categories, that listing will move from the “undecided” category and into the one they have selected. If they leave a comment, it will show a little speech bubble beside their contact information. If you have further questions about Client Connect, we have a short how-to video on the Support page, or you can give us a call at the Help Desk. Have a great day! Maegan


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