Reports in Paragon

Reports in Paragon

This is a great time for you to start getting your custom reports into Paragon. Print off your reports from MLXchange/Fusion and begin to recreate them in Paragon using the report editor. We recommend that before you recreate them, you save them as PDFs and then print them off for your future reference. There are several resources at your fingertips to assist you. Below, you will find two guides, Custom Layout Editor and Custom Reports Tips and Tricks, along with a one-hour webinar to help you get started.

The system reports that will be available in Paragon are based on Member feedback that we received through an online survey conducted back in August. Members were given the chance to suggest specific reports they were would like to see based on property class. Using this feedback, we were able to recreate the top reports requested.

We have attached a list of reports that will be available to you in MLXchange/Fusion, along with the corresponding reports you will find in Paragon. While we are still finalizing the design of the reports, expect them to differ slightly in appearance from their counterparts in MLXchange/Fusion. Remember, these reports that are provided can be edited using the Report Editor, where you can add or remove fields and customize them to suit your needs. Please note, not all of the reports have been activated at this time.

List of Reports

If there are reports you use regularly that are not on this list, please provide us with that feedback. If we receive overwhelming response in favour of certain reports to be added, we will look into including them. Please send your feedback to