Adding Multiple Photos to a Listing – NEW

Pulling Listings into Cloud CMA – NEW

Customize Search Templates – NEW

View an Activity Report – NEW

Bounce Back Emails – NEW

Paragon Search Options (5 min)

Map Searching (7 min)

Listing Cart (4 min)

Client Connect (8 min)

Assume Identity (4 min)

Missing Geocode (4 min)

Grouping Contacts (5 min)

Listing Inventory (3 min)

Contact Activity  (4 min)


Custom Property Reports (55 min)

Client Connect (60 min)

Rural Property Searches & Reports (78 min)

Commercial Searches & Reports (57 min)

Listing Input Maintenance (54 min)

Quick CMA (20 min)

Paragon CMA (38 min)

Cloud CMA (14 min)



Key Changes

Listing Features

Multi-Select Features

List of Features in Paragon Reports in Paragon

MLS® Functionality Sheet

Paragon Android Chrome Support Policy

Paragon iPad Support Policy

System Requirements and Browser Compatiblity

Mobile Quick Start Guide

Top 10 Questions to Paragon’s Customer Care Team

Custom Layout Editor

Custom Reports Tips and Tricks

We are accessible and helpful. Questions? Require any assistance navigating our site? E-mail or call us at your earliest convenience.

Toll free: 1-888-674-7479
Local: 780-453-9347

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